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Toast Press is an award-winning music publicity agency, firmly rooted in Brixton, London, since opening in 2005. We are proud to represent an eclectic and exceptional range of artists, from the most exciting emerging talent to some of the biggest acts in the world today. 

Founded and run by sisters Ruth and Beth Drake – with Rob Chute as Head of Publicity – we are a passionate, close-knit team intent on leading the charge for UK press. Our roster spans all the major labels, independents, label-services and DIY projects that we love, but is carefully tailored to the ambitions of each campaign. From those tastemaker editorial playlists through to mass-market magazine covers, we believe in the need to move creatively and strategically within the new media landscape to ensure our artists remain on the cultural frontline. We consciously strive to represent a broad cross-section of styles and backgrounds, all of whom hang together via their credibility, diversity, and our enthusiasm. 

Toast Press draws on a wealth of experience across the industry (and within our office) to offer a more modern approach to music publicity. Our work is as informed by backgrounds in journalism, creative consultancy, A&R and media training as it is events and crisis management. We guide our roster through campaigns spanning fashion, podcasts, film + TV, whilst always putting the welfare of our acts above all else. Having worked with most of our artists before their first ever single – and stayed on their journey into superstars – we pride ourselves on working honestly and with a positive-attitude in helping them go all the way. 

Over sixteen years independent, we have built Toast Press from the ground up into the UK’s foremost PR agency. We remain, at the end of the day, a team of diehard music fans helping our artists tell their story, and in turn telling future chapters of Toast’s.